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Luks Photo Series April 2024 – Astrophotography!

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We’re turning our eyes to the heavens in this month’s photo series. Featuring the exceptional work of Alex Andrews, Jeremy Müller, Martin Adams and Brett Ritchie, enjoy these stunning shots of nebulae, a blood red moon and a magnificent view of the cosmos from Southern Australia.

Photo by Alex Andrews
Photo by James Müller
Photo by Martin Adams
Photo by Brett Ritchie

Try it yourself!

Astrophotography involves capturing images of celestial objects using a technique called long-exposure photography. Photographers use this technique in combination with telescopes or telephoto lenses to magnify distant astronomical objects like stars, planets, and galaxies. 

The camera is often mounted on a tracking system which helps to compensate for Earth’s rotation and ensures sharp images over long exposures. This technique collects faint light from faraway objects and reveals details invisible to the naked eye. In post-production, the images are enhanced to reveal the rich colours and structures of the night sky.

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