Becoming a photographer, albeit a good one, is a process. This process, though, doesn’t need to be a difficult one. Much of the success of prominent photographers comes from years of tertiary education, practice, time and capital invested. This does not necessarily come easy to many, however. This magazine has been created with the goal of becoming the internet’s go-to platform for photographers to find useful, practical tools, information and resources to grow their skillset and achieve their goals. 

All this in a compassionate, uplifting global community. Wherever you are, wherever you’re from, you’ll find like-minded artists gathered together, helping and guiding one another on their individual journeys to becoming photography legends.

Expect to find content such as simple, straightforward tutorials, gear guides, tips and tricks, reviews and the latest news from the photography industry. With all this content in video, podcast and article format,  photographers will have access to the resources they need, however they choose.

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