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5 Must-Have Lens Accessories

by | Lenses

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Your lens is one of the most expensive parts of your kit. One of the best ways to get the most out of this piece of hardware is to ensure you have a couple of essential accessories. In this gear guide, we’ll walk you through our top 5 must-have lens accessories.


1 – Lens Hood

Lens Hood

Particularly during outdoor shoots, lens hoods are essential. A great example would be when you’re shooting on a bright day, where you’ll find you have small circles of light in your shots – this is lens flare. A lens hood will help you block out stray light and reduce lens flare and ghosting. Find a good lens hood like this one on Amazon for as low as $15. Depending on the size of your lens and brand, the price will differ. 


2 – UV Filter

Lens with a UV Filter attached

The primary role of a lens filter is to protect your expensive ‘glass’ from UV ray damage, dust and dirt. In the long run, UV rays degrade the glass, while dust and dirt can scratch it. In addition, the lens filter also helps protect your lens from breaking if or when you accidentally drop your lens or camera. UV filters are another essential lens accessory that should always be on your lens. You’ll find good UV filters on Amazon from as low as $8, but again, the price will vary based on quality and the type of lens you have.


3 – Lens Pouch

Lens Pouch

It’s never a good idea to have your lenses bumping around in your gear bag or case. The glass is delicate and the mechanisms inside your lens complex. Thus the need for a lens pouch. The primary role of a lens pouch is to protect your lens whenever it is not on your camera. Make sure you find one that is soft enough to give your lens the protection it deserves. There are plenty of these on Amazon, with good quality ones costing you at least $25.


4 – Extra Lens Cap

Lens Cap

Your lens cap is very likely to be your first item to get lost because you’re always taking it off to shoot. Rather than risk having your lens exposed if the original lens cap is lost, it is always best to have an extra lens cap on hand. A lens cap is actually the cheapest accessory on this list; you will find several of them on Amazon that cost less than $10.


5 – Lens Cleaning Set

Lens Cleaning

Over time, your lens will collect dust and other forms of dirt, significantly affecting the quality of shots you take. A lens cleaning kit with all the necessary tools will help you keep your lens clean all the time, while ensuring crisp, clean shots. A good lens cleaning kit will include a double-sided lens cleaner pen, air blaster, empty spray bottle, microfibre cloth, and lens cleaning tissue. You’ll be able to find cleaning kits on Amazon for as low as $13.


That’s it for our top 5 must-have lens accessories! As lenses are typically more expensive than cameras, keeping them clean and safe is important, in addition to getting the right shots for your subject. Ideally, you want to have one of each item for every lens you have so be sure to keep these 5 items in mind whenever you pick up a new lens. Be sure to check out our other Gear Guides for more!

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